Droneshop Ltd

About us. DroneShop Limited is a newly registered company that has previously been trading as DroneShop.biz since 2012.

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About Us

 DroneShop Limited hand build our custom drones in the UK to suit any requirements. Throughout our time trading we have done some work with Direct Line where we had to create drones for search and rescue purposes at sea and on land fleetlights. We also do a lot of domestic builds for falconry, surveying and many other fields. We can provide you a drone for anything, we love new projects to try! We have a building information page for you to take a look at, where we cover every aspect of the process.



At DroneShop Limited our team are always working hard developing new products and techniques to differ from the competition. Design and quality are a key aspect that we like to focus on the most, as you can see from the transformation of our DS680 Pro.