Falconry drones

Drones are becoming a huge part of the falconry industry in the recent years. Falconers use them to train their birds to reach higher altitudes and to get ready for game.
Falconers are attaching their parachute system and lure to the drone’s drop mechanism. The bird flies up and hits the lure which releases your parachute. In the event of a tangle all you need to do is release the parachute. This will keep the bird away from the propellers and prevent injury.
The drone climbs altitude every session so the falcon can progress. Falcons trained like this are also better hunters so they often live longer than they would in the wild.
The falconry drone used here is our new DS680. Built with the latest Pixhawk 4 mini due to it probably being the best flight controller we have used. It runs the latest ardupilot so as a result it has the most advanced features and safety.

Falconers favourite drone

We worked with experienced falconers to produce the perfect falconry drones. We tested many features, conversely making the best drones for the sport.

One of the first changes we added was our drop mechanism. We placed a small latch device on the drone to allow you to release the payload. We connect it to a switch on your radio so you can trigger it whenever necessary. Due to this, the risk of your bird getting tangled is generally slim because you can release the lure. As a result, this certainly keeps the process under control.

Furthermore, We also added the ability for the drone to ascent at 10m a second so as a result you can get it in the air quick to begin training. Along with descending at 5m a second so it also comes home a lot faster therefore making it convenient to use.

Finally, all our drones also come with a ‘Return to home’ feature built in to one of the switches on your radio. When you trigger the switch the drone will return and land itself. So this allows you to deal with your bird when it lands. Meanwhile, the drone will disarm the motors itself so all you have to do is unplug it.

Our Falconry drones

Falconry drone

  • Over 30 minutes flight time
  • Weatherproof
  • Excellent ‘bang for your buck’
  • 9.5″ DJI Propellers for ease of use
  • 0.5Kg payload capacity