Custom Drone Building

At DroneShop Limited we offer a custom drone building service. Been through our site and cant find what you’re after? No problem, either send us an email or call us on 0333 023 5005 and we can find a solution for you.



All of our drones are hand built professionally in the UK and quality checked multiple times throughout the build to ensure that you receive the best possible quality available. It all starts with an enquiry; feel free to contact us with your requirements and we can assure you that we can fit them perfectly. Want our DS680 but as a 6S system? No problem, contact us before your purchase and we will deal with the rest. We will take on any project portrayed to us and complete it to the best of our ability. Please do not hesitate to ask us anything, ‘we don’t bite’!


All of our custom builds have a build time of up to 3 weeks depending on your requirements. We would rather spend the extra time completing your new system as best as we can and assess it daily, putting it through all of our tests to deliver you your perfect drone. At DroneShop, the customer comes first. If for some unlikely reason you are not happy with your build, please contact us and we can take it back and closely cover every aspect of your disappointment and amend it for you. After every step of the build we strictly examine our work and hunt for an imperfection before we can move on to the next step of the build. We believe we offer premium service to all of our customers and we will stand by that as we are recommended vastly across our client range. Leaving reviews on our builds does not go unnoticed, we genuinely appreciate any support displayed from our consumers.

We guarantee our services will appease you and the quality of your new drone will be like no other. We can provide whether proofing for your system if required along with custom payload attachments and we can try any other add on you require. As a customer you are our number one priority, a happy customer means a happy supplier. We try to give you as much insight to your build as we can, with regular updates and images. If a part is not in stock we will inform you immediately and get one ordered up straight away as we hate slowing down our build time. At the end of the build, once we are completely satisfied with the quality and functionality we will do a test flight, which we will video for you with minimal edits so you can see the real flying footage. We will then send you an unlisted YouTube video link where you can only watch it if you have the link. The video will be a test flight video where we perform a few tests for you to see the stability, some images of your drone in action for you to boast to your friends about and finally a full explanation video of your system with basic set up instructions and a run over of all the features it possesses. Your drone will then be shipped next day (if in UK) or 2-3 days (Europe) and 5-7 days (Rest of World). The majority of our drones will be sent to you in a military standard Waterproof ABS Hard carry case suited perfectly for your drone with a foam cut out for it to sit in to which will keep it extremely safe via transport. We will also send you a 2mm Kylin Hexdriver to tighten your screws after every flight on the rare occasion that they come a little loose through vibration.

Now that’s why you choose us…