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  • Radiomaster 5000mAh Li-ion battery pack for Radiomaster TX16S


    The RadioMaster 5000mah 2s Li-ion pack is the perfect battery for your TX16s. Offering longer run times and safer use when compared to Li-poly batteries. Li-ion batteries typically offer higher energy density and are well suited to lower current draw¬†applications. The Radiomaster TX16S Li-ion battery pack coupled with the internal charging capabilities of the TX16s…

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    CPPM SBUS PWM convertor


    This device will convert almost everything to everything.
    SBUS input to CPPM and PWM output (for SBUS receivers on an APM whilst also providing PWM ports for your gimbal control)
    PWM input to CPPM output (for reducing cabling when using a standard receiver with your APM)
    Having SBUS to CPPM and PWM allows you to have channels for your APM whilst also providing standard PWM ports for plugging the tilt control of your gimbal for example.