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  • Herelink Tablet with Long Range HD Video Transmission System


    Herelink Tablet with Long Range HD Video Transmission   Herelink Tablet The herelink tablet is the ultimate portable ground station for your professional drone. It combines your R/C transmitter, android tablet and FPV system into a neat system.  The telemetry link can transmit and receive flight data as well as receiving your HD video from…

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    Radiomaster TX16S SE Open TX Radio Transmitter

    From: £82.00

    Radiomaster TX16S SE Open TX Radio Transmitter A full-sized radio with OpenTX support and an LED color screen at an unbeatable price. Secondly, The RadioMaster TX16S SE 2.4GHz 16 channel Potentiometer Gimbal Transmitter features an internal module capable of binding to FrSky and Futaba SFHSS receivers. In addition, if you upgrade to the TX16S 4-In-1…

  • Skydroid H12 Radio HD Display with Camera and Receiver


    Skydroid H12 Radio HD Display with Camera and Receiver The Skydroid H12 Radio has an Android 5.5″ smartphone which is used to view the live FPV and telemetry. Secondly, it has a maximum range of up to 30km which is perfect for any industrial use. Furthermore, the H12 uses spring centered, hall effect gimbals for…

  • Sydroid T12 Ultra Long Range Radio with live HD FPV

    From: £285.00

    Skydroid T12 The Skydroid T12 radio is an ultra long range transmitter with live HD FPV. The radio offers 20km video range and 30km data range. The T12 has a waterproof and dust-proof shell along with dual antennas so you get longer range and a more stable connection. The transmitter comes with its own T12…

  • SkyDroid T10 Long Range Radio system with Telemetry and FPV

    From: £118.80

    SkyDroid T10 radio with FPV camera and receiver The SkyDroid T10 has a range of 10KM for video and 20km for telemetry and radio link. It has an FPV camera that connects to the receiver and the receiver plugs into the telemetry port of your Pixhawk flight controller and the SBUS port for radio link….

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    FrSky Taranis radio transmitter & receiver combo


    Fr-Sky Taranis radio transmitter & receiver combo.

    This is a brilliant transmitter for any air model. It has full telemetry built in, talks to you and up to 16 channels.
    It comes with a 16 channel telemetry receiver as standard.
    With side paddles make it ideal for FPV camera control or slope soaring/gliders.
    Plug it into your computer and use Companion9x to make configuration a breeze and load new software & audio.
    Has 60 model memories and a micro SD card for unlimited models.
    It comes with a rechargeable battery and charger.
    This Tx uses OpenTx firmware running on an STM32 board in a case identical to the JR 9X combined with fantastic quality gimbals make this Fr-Sky radio the best on the market.

    Please note the new version does not come with an Aluminium case.

    We have a video showing how to get 16 channels from a single X8R receiver with the taranis: