This kit has a Bluetooth 915Mhz SiK Radio telemetry 500mW long range module along with a 500mW air module. The standard version is 100mW.

This radio telemetry system has bluetooth ground module connectivity. This provides a convenient way to connect to the ground module so it can be mounted on a pole. By mounting the ground module higher gives much longer ranges. Range can be up to 5km or 15km with V antennas.

It allows android devices that do not support host USB devices to use DroidPlanner or 3DR Tower with a single telemetry module on the model.

There is a lipo battery in the ground module, charged by the USB port.
The ground module can also plug into the USB port of your laptop to connect directly over the 915Mhz telemetry without the bluetooth link.
Settings of both units can also be updated using the USB ports.

This is the complete kit so includes the ground module unit and the remote unit that goes on the model.
The PIN code for pairing these is 0008

Both the ground unit and air module have USB ports for changing settings and updating.

If you need the 433Mhz radio bluetooth telemetry version of this product then click here.

For details on how to solve issues with radio telemetry modules not in sync or how to update firmware on them see our video.

Weight .220 kg
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 5 cm


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