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DS680 Pro Folding carbon fibre Quadcopter complete built and test flown system

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This is a 6S system, if you require 4S please email us at sales@droneshop.biz

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DS680 is our flagship product, boasting a flight time of over 1 hour due to the extremely efficient propulsion combination. The Pixhawk 4 mini flight controller fits inside the frame with the all in one GPS system sitting on the top deck, creates a clean clutter free custom drone solution. We use a Daya 680 frame modified to our custom requirements. The 3510 motors have 13mm and 12mm propeller mounting holes which is critical to support the use of DJI propellers.


  • 1 Hour flight time
  • Folds to 30cm x 25cm x 15cm
  • 15″ Propellers for efficiency
  • 2Kg MAX payload capacity
  • All in one GPS with Safety switch and status LED
  • Drop mechanism can be added for falconry purpose

The Propellers. Propellers are needed for the drone to actually fly (obviously), however choosing the correct propellers for your drone is essential for making the most out of your flying experience. We make sure the propellers are balanced perfectly before attempting any flying, we also guarantee efficiency with all propellers we use. The great thing about our DS680 is that it fits almost all 15 inch propellers. We are giving you the choice of our 2 personal favourites;

Tarot 15″ Folding Propellers – If you are after an easier transport option, these folding propellers are ideal as they are still very efficient and stable. They are processed by high quality material, guarantee the tenacity, stability and efficiency. The folding feature means you do not have to remove them to fit into the case.

DJI Inspire 2 15″ Propellers – If you want to achieve the most out of your new drone, we recommend you look no further than the DJI Inspire 2 propellers. They are extremely efficient and fly beautifully every time. The quick release feature is also a must have in our opinion, you can apply and remove your propellers in seconds. The build quality on the DJI Inspire 2 propellers is out of this world. The minute you open the box and take one out, you will understand. This makes them perfect even if you fly your drone everyday. They are balanced perfectly allowing your drone to glide effortlessly through the sky.

The battery

The battery is a vital part to your system, you need to chose the best one for you. Which is why we have already done it!

After plenty of careful research, so far we have found 2 batteries that suits our needs perfectly. After special research and development we have finally come up with our own Li-ion battery packs. These packs that we have created have a huge power to weight ratio above all Lipos. They weigh just over half of the Gensace so you will achieve a longer flight time with them. They are manufactured to the highest quality and are made to be durable and reliable. We are currently using them to do all of our test flying and highly recommend customers choose them for their builds.

The second is the GensAce Tattu Lipo, they are high quality and durable which is why we choose these as the lipo we use on our builds.

The radio

Every drone should be radio controlled, this allows for a much more accurate and safe flight. We have picked out the best possible radios we could find for you.


• (Diagram shown) – SKYDROID T10 or T12 – Ever wanted live FPV footage from your drone whilst your flying? Not a problem with the new skydroid radios. The radios comes with a 720p FPV camera and a receiver. All you have to do is install the skydroid app on your android device and away you go! The T10 10 channel radio offers 10km video telemetry and a whopping 20km data telemetry! Where as the T12 12 channel radio offers 20km video telemetry and an astonishing 30km data telemetry! With auto centred gimbals and a 3 position switch for flight modes, this radio is a must have! All flight settings can also be changed within the app so this makes your experience a lot easier.

Radiomaster TX16S

•   In our professional opinion, the TX16S is our go to radio. With live telemetry displayed beautifully on the 4.3 coloured display, scroll wheel navigation system, 6 available flight mode options and the 4 in 1 module making it compatible with almost all receivers, this radio is a must have. Don’t let its low price fool you! The TX16S offers all of the features of the Taranis + many more. Making it an exceptional ‘bang for your buck’.

If there is a different radio that you would like to use but we have not mentioned it, please email us at sales@droneshop.biz and we can set you up a custom quote!

The Telemetry. Telemetry is what you use to send and receive data between your drone and your ground station. Adding telemetry to your drone is very useful, but is not required. There are plenty options out there however again we have managed to narrow it down to what suited our professional needs. The 2 options we have for you are WiFi or Sik radio. The diagram describes some of the differences between the 2.

Additional information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions58 × 42 × 23 cm

5 reviews for DS680 Pro Folding carbon fibre Quadcopter complete built and test flown system

  1. ryan (verified owner)

    Excellent system, perfect for my falconry

  2. Andrew (verified owner)

    Just received my DS680 Pro delivered by courier next day to Cyprus, and words cannot describe it. Peter does such a wonderful job at setting things up. Would have worked out of the box but for a few silly things which were my fault and the fact that this purchase was using some bits from a previous quad – so Peter never had all my things to set it up with. Took a little longer than quoted to be completed due to issues Peter had with his 3D printer and the weather, but worth the wait. A word of praise for Peter’s customer service – it is always well beyond the call of duty and makes one feel a wanted and valued customer. His patience is incredible and diplomats could learn a lot from his approach!! Shipped to Cyprus in a superb hard waterproof case. Drift mode is awsome. RTL lands within 0.6 metres. Flys at 750cm/s great. Looks as though it is around 25 mins flight time from 10000 mah battery but yet to see the ultimate limits, and appears as solid as a rock. For some unknown reason had to re-calibrate accelerometers after it’s flight here but otherwise no issues. Any niggles? Yes – sadly Peter has reverted to the standard non folding legs due to weaknesses in the clip-on ones and the foam inserts in the standard legs deform and flatten (under the weight of large battery packs any way) which could result in the leg sides penetrating soft ground. Firmer foam may help. Other than that a fantastic package that is superior in all ways to my previous quad – a Spider. Just waiting for my gimbol to get (hopefully) jello-free footage from the on board camera.
    Would I recommend the DS680 and Droneshop? – yes, without any hesitation. For customer service and assistance Peter King is THE King!!

  3. Terry (verified owner)

    Just wanted to post a Thank you really Peter has been great with my new quad so far I went to collect it and was welcomed and made to feel at home despite how long it took to sort a few issues as the build was still in progress when I arrived , Ive had numerous problem since 99% my own fault and even with those they have been great with after sales service talking me through re programming my radio setting up the parameters on the pixhawk etc etc all of which were fine when I left but buggered up fiddling when i got home as for the Quad itself it flys great and is very locked in solid build and nice small size for travelling the pixhawk FC is way beyond my needs at present but Im learning fast again with peters hints and tips along the way anyone thinking of buying from Dronebiz do so with confidence , and also watch all his Vids on youtube there full of great info that could have and would have helped me from making as many mistakes as I have, had I watched them all first lol

  4. Dave (verified owner)

    Received mine couple days ago test flown on sat 25th Oct 2014
    Apart from charging the Batts and conectting gimble & go pro, the quad fly’s
    superb. It does what Peter say’s it does it flys straight from the box.
    Had good communication with Peter, so all in all well pleased.

  5. Paul (verified owner)

    Collected this today and how awesome is it?
    Peter collected me from the station and took the time to set up both my transmitter and mac book were set up to fly this. I can’t imagine many other vendors are going to want to spend time setting up equipment they didn’t sell??
    I don’t think you could get better service, however that is not what you are interested in is it, you want to know whether you should buy this quadcopter.
    Before we go any further I have to say i have never flown anything remote controlled before in my life. Peter talked me through what the various controls did and explained about the failsafe procedures. It was set up to be fairly docile in handling but with a flick of the switch it instantly became more agile – which would suit a more experienced pilot, and one day i hope to be able to be able to do this!
    Battery life is phenomenal which I have admit did surprise me with the amount of lights and sounds it made, Within a couple of minutes I was confidently flying around the field.
    You may ask why I called it a pocket full of fun….you’ve seen the pictures and probably the video showing how small it folds up? Well I managed to fit it in a small plastic carrier bag to take it home, it’s folder footprint is less than a magazine ( so perhaps A4?)
    For less than the cost of a mass produced copter you are getting something that is handcrafted to your requirements AND is more than capable of growing with your experience.

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