F450 Spider is our budget drone, but do not be fooled by its cost. With a flight time of 25 minutes due to the efficient propulsion combination. The Pixhawk 4 mini flight controller fits inside the frame with the all in one GPS system sitting on the top deck, creates a clean clutter free custom drone solution. We use an F450 Spider frame modified to our custom requirements. The 2212 motors paired the DJI Phantom 9″ propellers.


  • 25 minute flight time
  • Excellent ‘bang for your buck’
  • 9″ Propellers for efficiency
  • 1Kg payload capacity
  • All in one GPS with Safety switch and status LED

The radio

Every drone should be radio controlled, this allows for a much more accurate and safe flight. We have picked out the best possible radios we could find for you.


• (Diagram shown) – SKYDROID T10 or T12 – Ever wanted live FPV footage from your drone whilst your flying? Not a problem with the new skydroid radios. The radios comes with a 720p FPV camera and a receiver. All you have to do is install the skydroid app on your android device and away you go! The T10 10 channel radio offers 10km video telemetry and a whopping 20km data telemetry! Where as the T12 12 channel radio offers 20km video telemetry and an astonishing 30km data telemetry! With auto centred gimbals and a 3 position switch for flight modes, this radio is a must have! All flight settings can also be changed within the app so this makes your experience a lot easier.

Radiomaster TX16S

•   In our professional opinion, the TX16S is our go to radio. With live telemetry displayed beautifully on the 4.3 coloured display, scroll wheel navigation system, 6 available flight mode options and the 4 in 1 module making it compatible with almost all receivers, this radio is a must have. Don’t let its low price fool you! The TX16S offers all of the features of the Taranis + many more. Making it an exceptional ‘bang for your buck’.

If there is a different radio that you would like to use but we have not mentioned it, please email us at sales@droneshop.biz and we can set you up a custom quote!

The battery

The battery is a vital part to your system, you need to chose the best one for you. Which is why we have already done it!

After plenty of careful research, so far we have found 2 batteries that suits our needs perfectly. After special research and development we have finally come up with our own Li-ion battery packs. These packs that we have created have a huge power to weight ratio above all Lipos. They weigh just over half of the Gensace so you will achieve a longer flight time with them. They are manufactured to the highest quality and are made to be durable and reliable. We are currently using them to do all of our test flying and highly recommend customers choose them for their builds.

The second is the GensAce Tattu Lipo, they are high quality and durable which is why we choose these as the lipo we use on our builds.

The Telemetry. Telemetry is what you use to send and receive data between your drone and your ground station. Adding telemetry to your drone is very useful, but is not required. There are plenty options out there however again we have managed to narrow it down to what suited our professional needs. The 2 options we have for you are WiFi or Sik radio. The diagram describes some of the differences between the 2.

Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 47 × 30 × 16 cm

10 reviews for F450 Spider complete built and test flown system

  1. Cliff (verified owner)

    Having searched the internet and learned what was available as an imported kit or a completed model , I came across the drone shop, watching Peter Kings videos inspired me to make a phone call, the expertise I found was extremely helpful .
    Having looked at photos of all sorts of drones , I made the trip to the shop to study and handle the product, the attention to detail I found was incredible, product knowledge and dedication second to none.
    I was able to buy the spider and benefit from adopting the setup files on my taranis transmitter , I bought a second spider for my grandson this time setting up a futaba transmitter , no problems there either.
    On my return home with my new found knowledge I have been able to program flight missions having ten minute flights with 20 way points and this is just the beginning.
    A fine product with superb backup ,a pleasure to do business with this company.

  2. Kevin (verified owner)

    I have never used or flown any quadcopter until I got this it is so easy to use I recommend this to anyone thinking of getting their first quadcopter, first flight went without any problems I flew for 10mins and still plenty of power left in the battery. Peter is very helpful nothing seemed to much for him. The only problem I have is now I want a taranis x9d plus so I can get the telemetry on my transmitter.

  3. James Evans (verified owner)

    it is so easy to fly and it is as fast has you wont it to be 20 mins flight time and peter is always at the end of the phone to help you out. he has all the parts to fix it if you do crash peter is a all round top man.thank you peter JAMES

  4. Richard Taylor (verified owner)

    If you are thinking of buying one of these Quads then you won’t go wrong as they are fantastic.. Easy to fly and operate and if like me you are new to this hobby then Peter Is close to hand to help.
    Thanks Peter for all your help

  5. Christopher (verified owner)

    Just returned back from a 20 minute non stop flight and what can i say, this thing is amazing!!!. If you are thinking of purchasing one, stop thinking and buy it already. You will not be disappointed. The drone is as stable as ever, even for someone like me who has never flown anything in his entire life. Clearly testament to the quality of the product.
    I just want to say a quick thanks to Peter because being new to this i managed to flash the drone with the wrong firmware when i first received it, making the drone think it had 8 rotors to work with instead of 4. So with the wrong firmware the drone refused to fly. I contacted peter and he responded back straight away with immediate help and support. He even spent 20 minutes Skyping with me to ensure the props, settings and radio were set up correctly. In the end he fixed the firmware issue and setup my control for me. He even went as far as converting my Turnigy 9x radio from Mode 1 to mode 2 because i had accidentally purchased the mode 1 version. After sales = 10/10 Quad =10/10 ps get ready for people asking questions because once it takes off, people will stop for a chat!

  6. Lance (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for the “Wow” factor, just as a hobby or semi pro use then look no further. This quadcopter has it all. More stable than the Phantom and sooooo much fun. When it arrived after only 4 days of ordering, 2 of which were the weekend, I was very impressed with how well packed it was. When opened the build quality was immediately apparent. Absolutely spot on. Charged the battery, armed the quad and up she went, as if on rails. This is how I thought the hobby should be when I started out. I spent nearly two years messing with phantoms and other f450 style quads but the spider has very defiantly turned it around for me.
    As if the perfect product is not enough this guy, “Peter King” is a saint. His after sales service is absolutely second to none. No matter how many times I call with a query he has never made me feel that my question is anything other than the most important thing to ask. Just to try and say how dedicated this guy is to customer service, I called him one morning last week, asked my question which he answered in depth and to the letter correctly. After five minutes or more on the phone I told him I would let him go as it sounded like he was prob walking to work….. The guy was out on a run! Still he found time to answer my question.
    In summary, if you’re looking for a quadcopter you won’t find better than the spider built by Peter. With customer service absolutely second to none.
    Thank you Peter.

  7. Vancey (verified owner)

    I have had my drone a couple of months now and wanted to wait to give an accurate review !
    After spending a couple of hours with Peter setting up both my radio and drone I set off with my brain a little frazzled !! However after a couple of flights and a few very minor tweaks she flew as if on rails returning to launch within cms of take off !!
    Pictures and video taken are of excellent quality but I will fit a wider lens for my application of surveying arable fields for land drains etc !! In fact I will soon be putting FPV equipment on making the job more accurate still
    I cannot praise Peter highly enough or his product and wish him every success with his venture and I can safely say I won’t be buying from anywhere else !!
    I have very rarely received such comprehensive service from anyone when buying a product !!! Top marks

  8. Mark (verified owner)


    Can’t say enough good things about the copter or the store itself, works brilliantly and if there have been any issues (Which have all been down to me being a newbie to this) then Peter has given me an immediate answer which has been spot on every time and he has resisted the temptation to call me an idiot (Which I would have done by now). Delivery is fast, I had all the bells and whistles on my copter, Gimbal, On Screen Display etc. and it is all built well and I have having a great time with it, cannot recommend more enough. Great Job and a big thank you.


  9. Clint (verified owner)

    Recently purchased the Spider Quad and what a great piece of kit this really is. Im new to the hobby and i found this very easy to set up and fly. Peter King has been extremely helpful and i would recommend buying from him every time as the after sales are excellent.

  10. Stephen (verified owner)

    This is a really nice bit of kit for the money. The GPS locks very quickly and isn’t affected by my ‘noisy’ Mobius 808 camera, I can get some nice long flights in with a 5,000mah battery and the gimbal gives really smooth ‘jello’-free footage.

    I recommend collection rather than delivery if you are able. The owner of the business Peter King is very helpful and can make any tweaks to the set up to suit your needs as well as taking you through a test flight to make sure everything is configured correctly. After sales support has been spot-on too.

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