Falconry Drone

Using our famous DS680, we have put together the latest and greatest products available to produce this Falconry Drone kit. The Falconry Drone package is ready to fly straight out of its Waterproof carry case. This package is perfect if you need a drone for training your falcon because it has many key features. We teamed up with local falconers to come up with the best features a falconry drone should possess. Such as: A drop mechanism to hold the lure, rapid ascent and descent, return to home and many more. Keeping it simple, the only choice you need to make is if you would like an Android tablet to go with your Skydroid T10 Radio. Below is a list of items you receive in this package along with a description for each.

You will receive:

DS680 drone – Folding carbon fibre quadcopter with a 1 hour flight time

Skydroid T10 – Up to 20km range with an FPV camera for live drone footage

Waterproof Hard ABS case – Perfect, protective storage solution for your new drone

HotRC Lipo charger – Quick and easy way to charge your batteries safely

4S Lipo – High quality Lipo battery giving you long flight times

Drop Mechanism – Built on to your drone so you can carry your lure

Please check out our YouTube channel for regular updates: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQx4lLeXHIzZPBBDHC50O2w?view_as=subscriber

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 47 × 30 × 16 cm


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