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Gravis Heavy Lift Industrial Hexacopter Drone Ready to Fly

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This system can be customised to suit your exact needs. We can add all survey cameras to assist you with your job.

Payload release mechanisms such as winches can also be configured to this build.

This system has a 10kg Payload. We have a Gravis Ultra that is capable of 20kg, contact us for this until we add it to the website.

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Gravis Ultra Heavy Lift Industrial Drone

Heavy Lift Drone

10kg Payload Capacity

45 minutes flight

Efficient Propulsion System


High wind resistance

The battery

The battery is a vital part to your system, you need to chose the best one for you. Which is why we have already done it! 

After special research and development we have finally come up with our own Lipo battery packs produced by Grepow. Grepow is the manufacturer for the Gensace batteries so they are ultra high quality and produced to last. These packs that we have created have a huge power to weight ratio so you will achieve a longer flight time with them. They are manufactured to the highest quality and are made to be durable and reliable. To clarify, we are currently using them to do all of our test flying and highly recommend customers choose them for their builds. In addition, the Gravis Ultra should be flown with 4 of these 20000mAh packs for the longer flight times with 20kg payload.

The radio

Every drone should be radio controlled, this allows for a much more accurate and safe flight. We have picked out the best possible radios we could find for you.


• SKYDROID T10 or T12 –  The radios comes with a 720p FPV camera and a receiver. The T10 10 channel radio offers 10km video telemetry and a whopping 20km data telemetry! Where as the T12 12 channel radio offers 20km video telemetry and an astonishing 30km data telemetry! With auto centred gimbals and a 3 position switch for flight modes, this radio is a must have! 

If there is a different radio that you would like to use but we have not mentioned it, please email us at sales@droneshop.biz and we can set you up a custom quote!

Check out our youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/westmidscom

Additional information

Weight30 kg
Dimensions120 × 100 × 50 cm


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