Herelink Tablet with Long Range HD Video Transmission


Herelink Tablet

The herelink tablet is the ultimate portable ground station for your professional drone. It combines your R/C transmitter, android tablet and FPV system into a neat system.  The telemetry link can transmit and receive flight data as well as receiving your HD video from your drone with low latency (less than 110ms).  This kit also has a maximum range of up to 20Km (depending on local RF regulations).  The here link supports the main open source flight controller system that support MAVlink (Ardpilot and PX4). Since this kit includes Qgroundcontrol software pre installed out of the box.  The firmware is up-gradable on the here link ground and air unit to keep it up to date.


  • Supports dual HDMI 1080P 60fps video input, which can be modified through the QGC interface.
  • Dual S.bus signal output for simultaneous control of autopilot and pan/tilt cameras.
  • The integrated digital transmission and image transmission can simultaneously transmit the flight data of the autopilot and the image output by the camera to the remote controller.
  • Built-in QGC open source ground station with adaptable apm and px4 firmware for direct flight function.
  • Independent Mavlink commands camera buttons and scroll wheel channels.
  • Custom channel button and PWM value assignment.


  • Digital Image Transmission Remote Controller integrated: Data Link, Remote Control Link, Video Link integrated all-in-one
  • The Remote Controller is equipped with a High-Definition screen, which is easy to use and highly integrated.
  • HD video, low latency, long distance: video transmission can reach 1080p@60fps
  • Data delay <110ms, transmission distance 20KM (ground-to-air, no occlusion without interference)
  • Dual image input, Real-Time switching: Dual HDMI video input, users can switch video source through Remote Controller (display one video source at the same time)
  • Open system, customisable development: The Remote Controller has built-in Android system, which will provide API for users to develop and use, and get the most out of the system.
Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 10 cm


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