Simple, sleek and easy to use, who said a charger can’t be stylish?

The A400 has 40w of charging power and is suitable for 3s and 4s batteries making it ideal for Mini drone and Park scale flyers. The A400 has a wide input voltage range making it an ideal charger for people who travel. The no fuss plug and play charging feature allows you to simply connect a battery and let the charger do the rest. The bright and clear LED display will show the current battery voltage all the way until the charging is done. Save and hassle with the A400 plug and play charger.

Model: A400
Weight: 130g
Size: 98x60x28mm
Input Voltage: 100v-240v AC
Battery type: Lithium polymer
Battery voltage: 3s & 4s (11.1v & 14.8v)
Display: Digital LED
Materials: Fire resistant ABS
Balance Current: 300mah/cell
Display precision: ±0.05v
Maximum output: 3000mah
Maximum power: 40w
Operating temp: 0-40 °C
Charging Cut-off: 4.2v ±0.02v
Case temp when charging: 45 °C


Weight .13 kg
Dimensions 10 × 63 × 31 cm


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