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Skydroid H12 Radio HD Display with Camera and Receiver


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Skydroid H12 Radio HD Display with Camera and Receiver

The Skydroid H12 Radio has an Android 5.5″ smartphone which is used to view the live FPV and telemetry. Secondly, it has a maximum range of up to 30km which is perfect for any industrial use. Furthermore, the H12 uses spring centered, hall effect gimbals for smooth control. The radio has a built in 10000mAh battery which is said to last for 6-20 hours! Above all, the radio comes in a carry case with a receiver and either a single axis gimbal camera or LED basic night vision camera.

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  • Built in Android smartphone
  • 6-20 hours battery life
  • Comes with receiver and camera
  • Up to 30km range
  • HD video
  • Comes with a carry case for easy transport
  • Industrial grade radio
  • Perfect for any pilot
  • Easy to set up

Included in Skydroid H12 the box:

  • H12 Radio
  • Carry case
  • R12 Receiver
  • Single axis or LED Night vision camera
  • x2 antenna boots
  • USB C cable and plug

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