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T Motor Folding Propellers 16″ MF1604 for Custom drones


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T-Motor 16″ Polymer Folding Propeller MF1604 for Custom drones

The T Motor Folding Propellers are super strong resulting in little damage on impact. To clarify, T Motor Folding Propellers are durable propellers and last! Furthermore, T Motor’s XCarbon propeller range has all sizes for multi rotor drones. Finally, they have a steel propeller connector built on ready for fast installation,

Pair the MF1604 or MF1806 with our DS850 Quadcopter for longer flight times and efficiency. In addition, they can also be used on our hexacopter builds such as the Tarot X6.

Please DO NOT run polymer props on coaxial frames.

T-MOTOR, a world known company. Making propulsion systems for UAV with new technology such as Motors, ESCs and Propellers. Furthermore, they are widely used for aerial photography, industrial, agricultural, and commercial jobs Their products are the highest quality.

T-MOTOR is a team of profession, innovation and passion.
R&D Department: In addition, they do R&D to give high quality, but also have great service.
Production Department: Moreover, they make their products with the best raw materials and use the latest technology.
QC Department: They check each stage from the materials to the finished products to guarantee customer satisfaction.

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