Tarot 650 SPORT ready to fly

The kit includes:

  • Tarot 650 SPORT base system with Pixhawk flight controller and Neo8 GPS with built in safety switch and LED. DJI Inspire 1 Quick release props.
  • Jumper T12 Radio with live Mavlink telemetry, up to 12 channels, Multilingual menu, fully programable and many more features. The radio will also come with 2 18650 batteries and a charger for them.
  • Ground station telemetry link
  • 4S 4000mAh Lipo battery
  • HotRC smart Lipo Charger
  • Spare pair of props
  • LCD Live data display
  • A Waterproof ABS case can be added for an additional cost of ONLY £25


  • Up to 25 minutes flight time with one battery/ Up to 45 minutes with 2
  • Semi weatherproof
  • 13″ DJI Propellers for efficiency
  • 1Kg payload capacity
  • All in one GPS with Safety switch and status LED
  • Full ground station telemetry
  • Stable flight
Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 71 × 44 × 23 cm

Tarot 650 Sport waterproof tough case

Weight 3.000 kg
Dimensions 75 × 45 × 25 cm


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Tarot 650 SPORT Complete ready...

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Tarot 650 Sport waterproof tough case

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