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Multi Rotor

A Multi Rotor is the most common UAV for almost all industries due to their ease of use.

The benefits:

Manoeuvrability – One of the biggest advantages of  a multirotor aircraft is their manoeuvrability. They can fly around areas that other drones cannot. Multirotors can also hover in a fixed position and take off vertically with ease.

More compact – A mulitrotor frame is usually designed such that it can be folded to make it easier if you are travelling between jobs.

Payload ability – For heavy lifting, mulirotors are also better, great if you need multiple cameras on board such as HD and thermal cameras.

Fixed wing

We can also provide fixed wing drones as these are very popular for surveying also.

The main benefits:

Range and Efficiency –  A fixed wing can fly for way over 1 hour even with all of the gear on board so it can cover a vast area on a single battery.

Stability –  Because they are designed like conventional aircraft they can withstand side winds more effectively.


An ideal multirotor for surveying would be our X6 or our Gravis:

Tarot X6 4kg Payload Heavy Lift Drone

Gravis 10kg Payload Heavy Lift Drone

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